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Quality Standards

In accordance with the quality standards applied in Mis Clinic Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic:
Employees have access to all procedures, instructions and other documents through the system and can monitor revisions.

  • Internal customer (employee), external customer (patient-patient relatives) complaints, suggestions and thanks are shared and evaluated through the system.
  • Patient satisfaction surveys can be filled out through the system.
  • Corrective-Preventive Action (CPA) issues can be carried out through the system.
  • Internal and external audits are conducted and reported on the system.

What is Infection Control?

Private Mis Clinic Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, adhering to the basic and quality values, in line with the quality management system; It works by following scientific developments in sterilization, disinfection and infection issues. In recent years, one of the most important ways of transmission of infectious diseases transmitted through blood and body fluids such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and AIDS is dental treatments.

Mis Clinic gives great importance to infection control with the awareness of the importance of this issue.
Every material and instrument used during the treatment of our patients is sterile (the state of all microorganisms and eggs being dead).
There is a sterilization unit in our clinic.

The procedures performed in this unit are as follows respectively;

The used materials and instruments brought to the dirty section of the unit are first washed in the ultrasonic washer (which cleans the instruments by vibrating at a certain temperature thanks to the special crystals in it), and then washed and cleaned in the washing machine to be disinfected (purified from all microorganisms). The cleaned instruments are given to the clean section of sterilization, packaged in special packaging bags and sterilized with pressurized water vapor in the autoclave.
These procedures are performed for each material opened for single use in a patient. All kinds of instruments used for the patient are sterilized.
The aerator, angleduruva and handpieces used in our clinic are changed for each patient.

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