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Health Tourism

İstanbul'da Diş Tedavisi Fırsatlarını Keşfedin

Dental and Health Tourism Istanbul Health Tourism
Istanbul Health Tourism, Due to the global financial crisis worldwide, European countries have changed their health insurance coverage for their citizens. These European countries exclude dental treatments from the citizens’ insurance coverage.
Especially if they have their high-priced dental prostheses and dental implants made in their own countries, state and private insurances do not cover the cost of prostheses and implants. The patient has to pay these fees himself/herself.
If they come to Turkey and have their dentures made within the scope of health tourism, they will receive this service by paying almost a quarter of the price in their own country.

If you have a panoramic x-ray taken in your country and send it to Turkey via e-mail or cargo, we will examine your panoramic x-ray to determine the treatments to be performed and inform you of the cost of the treatment.
After your approval, a mutual appointment date is determined for the start. If you have your treatments such as fillings, tooth extractions, gum treatment and x-rays done in your home country, you will shorten the treatment time to be applied in Turkey. The treatment time for dental prosthesis is approximately one week. (If you need a tooth extraction, it is better to have it done in your home country one and a half months in advance) For implants, the implants are placed at the first appointment. On your next visit about three to four months later, the superstructure of the implants will be done.

How can I contact your polyclinic?
You can ask any questions and get information from our contact form.
Our Overseas Patient Responsible Unit will contact you. You can also contact us by sending an e-mail to

Main reasons for health tourism:
1. Lack or absence of high-tech health services and professional human resources in the country,
2. The desire to take a vacation with the treatment,
3. Health services are expensive in their home countries
4. Desire for much better quality health care,
5. Not wanting their surgery to be known in their home country for any reason (Aesthetic Surgery, Infertility treatment, etc.)
6. Tourism mobility in cases where there are limited opportunities for vacation in the country in terms of climate and geography (going to countries with forests, plateaus, historical and cultural richness), mostly the demand to have a holiday in a country with many thermal facilities and thermal tourism opportunities.
7. The desire of chronically ill, elderly and disabled people to go to other environments and receive treatment,
8. The desire of people with drug addictions and other addictions to be in different or more appropriate environments,
9. The person’s will to live and cling to life.

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