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Endodontics is a branch that deals with the treatment of root canals in teeth. Under the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth, there is a section called “pulp”, which contains a package of vessels and nerves that ensure the vitality of the tooth. If the pulp becomes inflamed for any reason, the nerve of the tooth must be removed, the canals sterilized and then filled (root canal treatment).

Our patients who need root canal treatment usually apply to us with complaints of pain and sensitivity to heat. In such cases, the patient feels pain when the tooth is tapped (percussion). In cases that are not symptomatic by pain in any way, the tooth is dead and there is a lesion formation at the root tip. Such cases are diagnosed by swelling of the face or x-rays.

Root canal treatment is performed under local anesthesia and there is no pain. Root canal treatment is the process of removing the nerves, shaping and cleaning the canals from microorganisms and then filling the enlarged canals.

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