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Prosthodontic Treatment

Prosthodontic Treatment; It is the process of replacing completely or partially lost teeth in the mouth. Loss of one or more teeth for any reason causes serious problems. These tooth losses cause deterioration in physiological functions in the mouth (such as chewing and speaking) as well as problems in neighboring organs (such as jaw joint, hearing organ, respiratory tract, digestive system).

On the other hand, aesthetic and psychological problems also cause unhappiness to the patient. The patient may avoid laughing and may feel the need to always hide his mouth with his hand. Prosthetic dental treatment is essential to solve these and similar problems.

Types of Prosthodontic Treatment are as follows:

  1. Fixed Prostheses (crown-bridge-like bonded prostheses)
  2. Removable Prostheses (removable)
  3. Implant Prostheses (fixed or removable)

Fixed Prosthesis types;

  1. Single crowns (covering a single tooth)
  2. Bridges (covering missing teeth with adjacent teeth)
  3. Implant-supported prostheses (screws + prostheses placed in the jaw)

Removable Prostheses;

  1. Total dentures (palates applied to completely toothless mouths)
  2. Partial dentures (metal-supported or metal-free palates with hooks applied to partially toothless mouths)
  3. Precision retainer dentures (hookless metal supported palates applied to partially toothless mouths)

Implant-supported dentures;

  1. Fixed (porcelain crowns applied to one or several teeth)
  2. Removable (total-like dentures applied to completely toothless mouths)
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